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The following discounts apply to all these products.
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O Scale square Vertical Exhaust Vent (2)
Product ID C2525
Price: $3.95
O Scale Cupboards w/ Shelves (1)
Product ID C2527
Price: $14.95
Roof Top Exhaust Vent (2)
Product ID C2529
Price: $8.95
O Scale Hard Rubber Truck-Wagon Tires (6)
Product ID C2530
Price: $7.95
O Scale USPS Route Collection Boxes (2)
Product ID C2531
Price: $6.95
O Scale Roof Top Small A/C or Electrical Box (2)
Product ID C2532
Price: $9.95
O Scale Truck Tires (6)
Product ID C2538
Price: $8.95
O Scale Round Roof Top Power Vents (4)
Product ID C2541
Price: $8.95

Rusty Stumps Scale Models sold our laser cut detail products and all our kit products to www.rail-scale-models.com You can go to this website to purchase the Shingles, Door & Windows as well as the other such products we offered in the past.