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O Scale 3D printed Industrial Roof Top Blower with Duct work (2)

Here is an Ed Traxler, of   original Industrial Roof Top Blower with the intake duct work. Taken from a photo Ed found on the internet he developed the 3D print drawings and forwarded them to Rusty Stump where we did this printing.

No holes to drill but 2 pieces to assemble, nothing major. My attempt at painting and rusting isn't the best and I'm sure you can do a lot better. Just place it on your model roof as you please and add some nice interesting detail.

The fan blower is one hollow print and the duct work is the second hollow piece. Just work the end of the duct adapter into the hole in the side of the blower unit, add a very small amount of Plastruc Plastic glue, let dry and them paint plus detail as you wish. Once dry install on the roof of your building model be it a factory or even a business that needs venting. Just a few drops of white glue around the ducting that sits on the roof and the legs of the blower unit and let dry.

Price for 2.

Price: $6.95
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