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Product ID BG2X02

3D printed Jumping Bass Fish

3D print of Jumping Bass Fish. Pack includes 4 small and 2 large with pin. All the fish are the exact same design.

These are best for S and O scale but can be used as advertising signs in HO scale.

The small fish is .559" in length nose to tail fin while the large is .570". The larger fish has a mounting pin on the back that could be cut off if you wanted too.

NOTE: that these are hardened resin 3D prints and seeing that the tail fin is very thin it is also very fragile. Coating the fin with CA glue and allowing to dry before handling with care and painting is the best approach.

The fish could be enbeded in liquid when pouring modeling water as it would then show through as a swimming fish. Also it could have just it's tail in the modeling water with a thin wire going to a fishing rod as if the fisherman was catching it.


Click on the Enlarge to see larger photo.

Price: $7.95
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