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Custom 3D Printing Services

Rusty Stumps can provide limited 3D or cast resin parts for you. We have a size limit and only offer Grey in color. FDM (filament) printing is also available and some colors are in stock at times. This type of printing it best for larger scales of O scale and up.

If you are interested in custom print please contact us through email at info @ (remove the spaces each side of the @ sign) Be sure to either give a detailed description of your part including size plus a photo of some kind would help if available. Again, various forms of 3D printing and casting have their limits.


Rusty Stumps Scale Models


Rusty Stumps Scale Models sold our laser cut detail products and all our kit products to You can go to this website to purchase the Shingles, Door & Windows as well as the other such products we offered in the past.