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Customer Loyalty Points...

How the Customer Loyalty Points work -

Rusty Stumps Scale Models is now offering Customer Loyalty Points which is basically a money back on purchase system. The rules of our Loyalty Points system are as follows:

  1. You MUST be logged into your account to gain points
  2. Only orders placed through our website are eligible for Loyalty Points.
  3. For each $1 you spend on your order, subtotal only, you will receive 1 point that can be redeemed on future orders.
  4. Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed in any other way than a discount on future orders.
  5. Points are not applied for redemption to the current order on which they are gained.
  6. Each point earned is worth $.05 (5ยข) in discount for each $1 spent and only on the Subtotal amount of future orders.
  7. Points can only be redeemed on future orders. No cash payment or value outside of this method of redemption. Points cannot/will not be applied to tax or shipping charges
  8. Redeemable points only show at time of Check Out as a possible discount. You can change this then.
  9. Points cannot be transferred to anyone else, they can only be used by the account holder.
  10. Points can be accrued. You do not need to redeem them but save them for a larger discount later on.
  11. Points are ONLY redeemable on the SUBTOTAL amount of future orders. Shipping is exempt.
  12. Only the difference between the Subtotal on the order you are redeeming points on and the Discount Points requested will apply to any addition of new reward points.
  13. The purchaser of a Gift Certificate will retain the Loyalty Points earned on it's purchase. They can be transferred to the Gift Certificate recipient on email request to Rusty Stumps Scale Models at info @ rustystumps . com. NOTE: Remove spaces from email address when entering it.
  14. Commercial & dealer accounts cannot use the Loyalty Points.
  15. Loyalty Points VOID where prohibited or subject to local restrictions.
  16. Only orders from Dec. 7, 2013 forward will gain points.
  17. Rusty Stumps Scale Models reserves the right to reduce or revoke this Customer Loyalty Points offer without notice or payment of accumulated points. This is not anticipated but we need to state it just in case.


You will not see the points on the order you are placing for the first time. You can go to Manage your account and see them there after you have completed payment on that order. It will show near the top left corner under your email address. The accumulated points will show as a discount on subsequent orders at the time of check out. You then have the option of applying those points or none of those points. You can change this before proceeding.

Hope this makes it clear how the Loyalty Points system works. If you have questions please email me and I will try and answer you more clearly.

Walt Gillespie

Rusty Stumps Scale Models



Please understand: Rusty Stumps Scale Models is CLOSED. We no longer accept orders.





Rusty Stumps Scale Models sold our laser cut detail products and all our kit products to You can go to this website to purchase the Shingles, Door & Windows as well as the other such products we offered in the past.