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About Rusty Stumps Scale Models....

Rusty Stumps Scale Models is OPEN....Having sold our Kits and Laser Cut detail products we now concentrate only on 3D and Cast resin detailing items in HO, S, O and N scales.

We started in 2002 by offering cast resin stumps for model railroaders building logging railroads. We have expanded our offerings first with the On30 Logging Disconnects and with the installation of our Laser/Engraver we expanded our line with other fine scale building kits. Presently we are coming up to speed with our new 3D printer. We will be using this to make master for detail castings in all scales and for producing special items for kits. We are constantly working to stay on the cutting edge of technology to provide the best we can in modeling items.

Background: Walt Gillespie has had experience in the graphic arts field and has also worked providing architectural designing as well as product engineering. Always having an interest in model railroading he returned to the hobby in 2000 and thus Rusty Stumps Scale Models was born.

Rusty Stumps Scale Models is a "totally captive" company. What does this mean? It means that we only purchase raw materials. Everything we sell is designed and manufactured right here, we do not sell other's products. We also print and bind our own manuals as well as host our own website on servers here in our office. All laser cutting, plastic, Hydrocal and resin casting as well as 3D printing are done at our location. This gives us total quality control over all aspects of our sales, manufacturing, delivery and customer service.

Also be aware that we are retired. RSSM is our retirement income enterprise. As such we do not have employees or a commercial location. All work is done out of our home. Yes, we design, manufacture and ship from our home. As such there are times when we are not available or on a trip. Call as a last resort and if you get our voice mail please leave you name and phone number clearly. Please take your time with the phone number as we will be trying to write it down and if you speed through it or not talk clearly there is no way we can understand what you are saying and will not be able to call you back. If you have left a proper email address with your order you can trace your order number from the Tracking Number sent to you on shipping.

As a small manufacture of both limited edition kits and detail items for scratch builders we have limited space for inventory. With that in mind be aware that we don't carry a full inventory of all our products on the shelf. What we do is "On Demand" manufacturing which means that we make up most items at the time of order, except for most of our kits. We assemble kits in run lots to again keep inventories at a minimum. Most kits are in stock or can be made up in a day or two so there is little delay with this manufacturing method. To inventory all our items would be a prohibitive investment in dollars on the shelf which is something no small company can afford.

Thank you for your understanding and realization that most all orders go out within two to three days of entry.

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Rusty Stumps is

owned by

Walter & Mary Gillespie

Fishers, IN 46038


Email us at info @


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Rusty Stumps Scale Models sold our laser cut detail products and all our kit products to You can go to this website to purchase the Shingles, Door & Windows as well as the other such products we offered in the past.