First I'll explain the situation and then I'll explain what is going to happen.

1. I'm getting old. (grin) Well 75 isn't exactly young. Working 12 to 16 hours a day 6 days a week is a bit much these days and I need to cut back on that. Plus Mary would like to do more of her sewing than packing for Rusty Stumps as she spends almost as much time on her part as I do on mine.

2. No, expanding, hiring help, etc. is not a option. We live in a deed restricted development and to do such would violate those rules. We don't have a basement and right now I've taken over the living room, dining room and garage and as Mary states sometimes the kitchen.

3. Selling out is not an option either as there aren't many out there with the funds to purchase a company such as Rusty Stumps also they would most likely rather start their own than pick up an existing business. Plus I enjoy what I'm doing just need to slow down a bit.

So the plans are as follows:

On June first we will cease to accept orders for any laser cut detail items such as Doors, Window, Shingles, Fences, etc.

Our laser equipment will be sold off in July to make room for an new additional 3D printer.

Our line of resin detail parts will be expanded with many new offerings as time goes by.

Kits will continue as any laser cutting on those parts will be done outside our company. New kits will tend to be more stick-built than laser cut and Backwoods Lumber and Mining in nature.


APRIL  I know the above is a shock of sorts to some of you but time moves on and we all must adjust to both the changes in our lives and as well as to our health.  With that in mind we found it was necessary to make changes at this time considering the number of times I've been hospitalized lately with heart issues. 

   Closing out of our laser cut products is cutting off a major portion of our company sales but it's necessary to cut back on my time spent working. Efforts have been made to find an alternative but not everything works the way you want it to. If there might be someone out there who would be interested in purchasing the rights to these products I will discuss that possibility with them.

   The addition of a second 3D printer to our operations will allow me to expand our resin detailing parts with less time on my part. I enjoy 3D CAD design and Ed Traxler of  Micro-Mimesis also is a heavy contributor to the designs we are offering. 

   It's just not possible for one person to cover all these areas and do it effectively. Best to concentrate on one aspect of the hobby and do it as best one can rather than spread oneself out on many areas and do them at a lower level of quality.

   I've come through the latest round of heart issues and now have a total of 10 stents. Two more for a total of 12 gets me a free toaster I'm told. [grin] Actually I'm still quite active as this has not slowed me down at all. What it has done is wake me to the realization that I need to try and enjoy what I have in retirement and sit back just a bit and smell the roses so to speak.  

   Both Mary and I appreciate your prayers and good wishes from all of you and feel they have helped us get through the past problem. I'm a believer in what Christ said to the cripple he cured when he told him "pick up your bed and walk." This is what I do, I can't lay or sit feeling sorry about what's happened but get up and get back to work is the best way to handle it and it works.  

   Thank you all for your support over the past 15 years and for you understanding as we move forward.


                                                            Walt & Mary-

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