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About Rusty Stumps Scale Models....

HVAC Fittings


Below are links to video tutorials and PDF downloadable pages giving you detailed information on how to use our HVAC Ductwork Fittings on your models. Watch or read each as you see fit as each is unique and informative. Use this to your advantage in assembling, painting and installing scale ductwork on your factories, maintenance buildings, office buildings and any other structure you feel they would look good on. As time goes by new videos and PDF pages will be added.


Video 1This video was produced by Ed Traxler of Micro Mimesis using fitting supplied by Rusty Stumps Scale Models. Ed is also the 3D CAD designer of these fittings. Watch as he shows you a good example of fitting together our HVAC Ductwork Fittings with Evergreen styrene tubing to make a real impressive simulation of a roof top assembly of ductwork.

This is the second "How To" video

produced by Ed Traxler of Micro Mimesis.

Video 2Here Ed uses fitting supplied by Rusty Stumps Scale Models. His video does a step by step approach on preparing and assembling the HVAC fittings with Evergreen styrene tubing to create a realistic roof top collection or ductwork.

Click the button to the left to watch this video

Here is a written tutorial by Ed Traxler of Micro Mimesis. In it is a description of how you might use the Rusty Stumps HVAC Fittings with the Evergreen Tubing to create very realistic ductwork. There are many charts and photos to assist in the tutorial.

A great how-to for beginners and experienced modelers too. Take the time to read it over and if you choose you can down load and print it for later reading.

Click the image to the left to download the tutorial to you computer screen and from there you can save or print it.



Rusty Stumps Scale Models sold our laser cut detail products and all our kit products to You can go to this website to purchase the Shingles, Door & Windows as well as the other such products we offered in the past.